Scopus Researcher of the Year 2017 Awards
November 2017
Elsevier recognizes achievement of Australia and New Zealand's scientists at Scopus Researcher Awards 2017... More details, please browse : Elsevier press release and New Scientist Magazine article
A new milestone-30th PhD thesis!
June 2017
The first PhD thesis R&D as part of CLOUDS Lab was completed in 2006 by Dr. Venugopal who is currently working as a Scientist in IBM. Since then several members have graduated with PhD degree and working in R&D organizations including Google, Amazon, and IBM around the world. We just achieved a new milestone with the submission of 30th PhD thesis (by Patricia Arroba Garcia who was our external student). For more details, please browse : 30th PhD thesis
New Frontiers in Cloud Computing for Big Data and Internet-of-Things Applications
March 2017
...the emerging Fog computing is extending Cloud computing paradigm to edge resources for latency sensitive IoT applications... More details, please browse : UoH Herald article
Green energy & Climatic sciences are future of world
March 2017
IT is a prallel development activity for all the fields of engineering, science... More details, please browse : Indian Express article
Cloud Computing is the next big revolution in IT
December 2016
Cloud Computing is the next big revolution in IT says Melbourne-based Prof. Buyya at an International Seminar in Jamia Millia Islamia; Calls it key to Smart cities and solving big population problems. More details, please browse : News Express of India website
Celebrating our 800th PhD completion for 2016
December 2016
CLOUDS Lab graduate (Maria Sossa) became the 800th graduate research candidate for the year to complete her PhD at the University of Melbourne.. More details, please browse : Melbourne Engineer website
2016 Web of Science Highly Cited Researcher
November 2016
Our Director has been recognized as a "2016 Web of Science Highly Cited Researcher" by Thomson Reuters based on Highly Cited Papers that rank in the top 1% by citations for field and publication year in the Web of Science during the 11-year period 2004-2014. More details, please browse : Thomson Reuters website on HCR
A new milestone-25th PhD thesis!
Oct. 2016
The first PhD thesis R&D as part of CLOUDS Lab was completed in 2006 by Dr. Venugopal who is currently working as a Scientist in IBM. Since then several members have graduated with PhD degree and working in R&D organizations including Google, INRIA, and CSIRO around the world. We just achieved a new milestone with the submission of 25th PhD thesis (by Maria Sossa - we expect him to become Dr. Maria Sossa soon!). For more details, please browse : 25th PhD thesis
Mahatma Gandhi Award and Gold Medal
June 2016
Our Director has been awarded the Mahatma Gandhi and Bharat Nirman Awards at the Conference on Economic Growth and National Unity by the Friendship Forum of India. More details, please browse : MUSSE home page
Australia Financial Review News
June 2016
Banks, websites down as wild weather knocks out Amazon Web Services. More details, please browse : AFR home page
CLOUDS Lab Seminar by Dr Vijay Bhatkar on IT and Supercomputing Revolution in India
March 2016
On March 24, 2016, we are hosting a seminar by Dr Vijay Bhatkar whose is the Father of Indian Supercomputers; Recipient of Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan awards from the President of India. For more details, please browse our: Seminar Flyer.
CLOUDS Lab Annual Report
Feb 2016
In 2015, CLOUDS Lab had yet another extraordinary year in terms of research quality and international recognition of its members. For more details, please browse our: 2015 Annual Report
A blueprint for greener cloud computing!
Dec. 2015
This article is actually written by Kristen Goodgame (a Journalist and colleague in Melbourne University) after interviewing our Director. It aims at broader audience. So, we expect everyone to understand it easily. Give it a try:
A new milestone-20th PhD thesis!
Aug 2015
The first PhD thesis R&D as part of CLOUDS Lab was completed in 2006 by Dr. Venugopal who is currently working as a Scientist in IBM. Since then several members have graduated with PhD degree and working in R&D organizations including Google, INRIA, and CSIRO around the world. In Aug 2015, we achieved a new milestone with the submission of 20th PhD thesis (by Deepak Poola - we expect him to become Dr. Poola soon!). For more details, please browse : 20th PhD thesis
Our book in Chinese
May 2015
Bidar-born professor's book on cloud computing a hit in China. For more details, please browse : The Hindu article
University of Melbourne tops Cloud Computing Research
June 26, 2014
The University of Melbourne is a world leader in cloud computing research according to a recent paper, A Scientific Analysis of Cloud Computing Literature. For more details, please browse: Melbourne Staff News and The Melbourne Engineer website
Seminar at Microsoft Research
June 2014
Our Director presented a seminar on "Market-Oriented Cloud Computing and Big Data Applications" for Microsoft Corporation, Seattle, USA. For more details, please browse: Seminar Video
The Future of Cloud Computing
Feb 2014
City Bhaskar, an Indian Hindi Newspaper, reports on potential of Cloud computing. For more details, please browse our: clip of news article.
CLOUDS Lab Annual Report
Feb 2014
In 2013, CLOUDS Lab had yet another extraordinary year in terms of research quality and international recognition of its members. For more details, please browse our: 2013 Annual Report
BigData focus
Dec. 2013
CLOUDS Lab continues its strong focus on BigData technologies and applications. For more details, please browse our: recent/2013 Tech Report
IEEE InterCloud Testbed Formed
Oct 2013
CLOUDS Lab is a founding member of IEEE InterCloud project for developing cloud-to-cloud interoperability and federation capabilities to enable cloud services to become as ubiquitous and as mainstream as the Internet. More...
ARC Linkage Grant with CA
June 2013
A linkage project with CA on "Business goals and analytics driven management of cloud computing" is successful 2013-2016. More...
The People Behind the Most Influential Research
April 2013
From 2000 to 2008, ISI Highly Cited highlighted the people behind the some of the world's most influential research. Our Director, Prof. Buyya, is one of them in Computer Science area. More...
Mastering Cloud Computing
Febi/March 2013
Tata McGraw Hill has published the Indian edition of Mastering Cloud Computing book. International edition is on its way to be published and released by Elsevier/Morgan Kaufmann in May 2013.. More...
Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing
Dec. 2012
Rajkumar Buyya, director of our CLOUDS Lab, has been named editor in chief of IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, IEEE Computer Society's newest peer-reviewed journal.. More...
Discovery Project grant award
Nov 2012
The Australian Research Council (ARC) awards a Discovery Project grant to Prof. Buyya and team for conducting R&D in green cloud computing area. More...
Future Fellowship Award
July 2012
Our Lab Director awarded Future Fellowship from the Australian Research Council (ARC) for R&D in Cloud Computing from 2012-2016. More...
CLOUDS Lab 2011 Annual Report released
March 19, 2012
Year 2011 has been another extraordinary year for CLOUDS Lab in terms of research quality and international recognition of its members. More...
CloudSim 3.0 Released
Jan 13, 2012
The Cloudbus Project to Release CloudSim Toolkit 3.0. . More...
Aneka wins 2011 Telstra Innovation Challenge Award
Nov 30, 2011
The Aneka technology was originally developed in our CLOUDS Lab and subsequently commercialised by spin-off company Manjrasoft is selected for 2011 Telstra Innovation Challenge, People's Choice Award. More....
ARC Grants for Smart Cities and IoT (Internet of Things)
Nov 1, 2011
Australian Research Council has awarded a 3-year grant to Professors Palani and Buyya to investigate on creation of Smart Cities using Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing technologies. We also received another grant to building an associated IoT Testbed facility at national level. More....
AARNet Features CLOUDS Lab
Aug 12, 2011
Pioneering research at The University of Melbourne's Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering is leading the next wave of computing. More....
IEEE SCALE 2011 Award for Cloud Work and LIGO application
May 26, 2011
IEEE SCALE 2011 Award for enabling LIGO Data-Analysis Application on Cloud Computing Environment More... and also see UniMelb news
CLOUDS Lab's Collaboration with UK's University of Westminster
Jan 27, 2011
University of Westminster collaborates with the University of Melbourne in the area of Cloud Computing. More...
Cloud computing set to change lives
Oct 24, 2010
Imagine you have a small business catering to between 50 and 1000 customers per day, with most of them being your regular customers. You want to keep track of their choices.. More...
CLOUDS Lab's start-up Manjrasoft to launch platform-as-a-service
Aug 30, 2010
Manjrasoft was registered in 2008 to commercialise Aneka, and had inked deals with customers in the transport and engineering industries in China and India. More...
Cloud computing IBM internship in India
Aug 9, 2010
When Anton Beloglazov left Siberia to take up postgraduate study in Melbourne CLOUDS Lab, he thought hed be heading south of not around the world. Winning an IBM research internship has broadened his horizons. . More...
CSSE scores 2 finalists in computer science innovation prize
Aug 6, 2010
The Cloudbus Project has been selected as one of the three Finalists for Google Australia Eureka Prize for Innovation in Computer Science. More...
WorldComp 2010 Outstanding Achievement Award
July 12, 2010
The 2010 World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing (WorldComp 2010) held in Las Vegas, USA presented Outstanding Achievement Award to the leader of CLOUDS lab. More...
Best Paper Award @ AINA 2010
April 23, 2010
Our paper " A Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)-based Heuristic for Scheduling Workflow Applications in Cloud Computing Environments" received the Best Paper Award at IEEE AINA 2010 conference held in Perth, Australia. More...
Scopus Young Researcher of the Year 2010 Award: Finalist
March 4, 2010
Prof Raj Buyya has received a finalist award in the "Scopus Young Researcher of the Year 2010" awards in the category of Engineering and Technology. More...
CLOUDS Lab wins InterCloud Discovery Project grant
Oct. 30, 2009
Australian Research Council has awarded a 3-year grant to Dr. Buyya to investigate on InterClouds supporting application scaling across multiple Clouds. More...
William wins Microsoft Research Fellowship
Oct. 9, 2009
A CLOUDS Lab student, William Voorsluys, receives an extremely prestigious and competative Research Fellowship award from Microsoft Research Asia. The fellowship comes with (1)A cash award of US$6,000.00, (2) A plaque celebrating the award, and (3) the opportunity for an internship in MSRA Lab. More...
July 28, 2009
Since 2007, GRIDS Lab has been working on Cloud Computing along with Grid Computing. During the last 2 years, Cloud Computing related R&D activities have peaked in GRIDS Lab and we launched a new flagship project, called Cloudbus, for Cloud Computing. In recognition of this new thrust in Cloud Computing, we renamed GRIDS Lab as CLOUDS Lab!
Cloud computing - the perfect storm?
June 19, 2009
A reality check on the new and the hyped cloud computing... More...
Scalable Computing Challenge (SCALE 2009) Award
May 21, 2009
Our work on fMRI Brain Image Analysis on Amazon EC2 and S3 Clouds using Workflow Engine won 2nd prize at IEEE International Scalable Computing Challenge (SCALE 2009)... More...
IEEE Medal Award and Australian researcher finds silver lining in the cloud
April 16, 2009
Cloud computing is tipped to nudge $A200 billion a year by 2013, but who pays for it is the question that concerns a newly decorated Melbourne researcher... More...
Best Paper Awards @ ACSC 2009
Jan 19, 2009
Our paper "Scheduling Parallel Applications on Utility Grids: Time and Cost Trade-off Management" received Best Paper Awards at ACSC 2009 conference in New Zealand. More...
Best Paper Award @ ADCOM 2008
Dec. 30, 2008
Our paper "A Linear Programming Driven Genetic Algorithm for Meta-Scheduling on Utility Grids" received Best Paper Award at ADCOM 2008 conference. More...
Gridbus Goes Commercial
Nov. 19, 2008
Manjrasoft is charged with commercializing the grid and cloud computing software technologies of Gridbus developed by GRIDS Lab. More...
GRIDS Lab research students win Knowledge Transfer grant
Oct. 22, 2008
Provost of University of Melbourne presented Dream Large Knowledge Trannsfer grant to students of GRIDS Lab for showcashing and sharing their research to empower emerging economies. More...
GRIDS Lab wins Cloud Computing Project grant
Oct. 10, 2008
Australian Research Council and Platform Corporation support GRIDS LAB research in Cloud Computing and SLA oriented resource allocation. More...
"Content Delivery Networks" Book Release
Aug 25, 2008
The "Content Delivery Networks" published by Springer is just released.... More...
SensorWeb 2.0 Software Release
July 2, 2008
We are pleased to release SensorWeb 2.0 software, which supports unification of Sensor Networks and Grid Computing with the World-Wide Web.... More...
IEEE Distinguished Service Award
May 30, 2008
Associate Professor Rajkumar Buyya has been awarded a Distinguished Service Award by the IEEE Computer Society... More...
GRIDS Lab Annual Report
Feb. 20, 2008
GRIDS Lab is pleased to report on its key activities and outcomes during the academic year 2007, which has been a fantastic year for both the lab and its members.. More...
Chris Wallace Award for Outstanding Research Contribution
Jan. 24, 2008
Computing Research and Education Association of Australasia (CORE) presented Outstanding Research Contribution Award to the GRIDS Lab Director. More...
e-Science 2007 Awards for Gridbus Papers and Demos
Dec. 13, 2007
Members of Gridbus Project received two awards at e-Science 2007. Best Paper Award and Best Research Demo Award. More...
Vice-Chancellor's Knowledge Transfer Excellence (Commendation) Award
Nov 21, 2007
The University of Melbourne Vice Chancellor, Professor Glyn Davis, has presented Knowledge Transfer Award to the Gridbus Project. More...
Upcoming Books
Nov. 2, 2007
GRIDS Lab members are editing two books: Market Oriented Grid Computing (Wiley) and Content Delivery Networks (Springer).
Gridbus Project Releases Grid Service Broker v.3.1
June 8, 2007
Gridbus project relases a new version of Broker, which was earlier used by many E-Science applications including the European union Data Mining Grid project. More...
Top 20 most cited articles in Software Engineering
May 24, 2007
According to Journal of Information and Software Technology one of our article (published in 2002) has made it to the Top 20 Most Cited articles published in the Last 20 Years (ranking based on citations per year) in Software Engineering (field). Please see Table B2 on page 10 and 11 in report...
ARC Awards Linkage grant with Microsoft partnership
May 22, 2007
A Novel Software System for .NET based Enterprise Grid Computing project R&D funded. More...
New Directions in Grid Computing
April 5, 2007
In the recent past, world-wide several efforts have been initiated to enhance grid computing with capabilities that support Quality of Services, service level agreements (SLA), utility-oriented allocation of Grid resources to SLA dynamically. More...
Gribus to Lead Australian International Science Linkage Project
March 28, 2007
GRIDS lab leads an Australian Govt. funded project (Utility Grid Project) and links Australian researchers with international researchers... More...
Mobile computing key to meeting social care demands
Dec 19, 2006
Delivering the keynote address on "The Gridbus Middleware for Utility-Oriented Grid Computing"', Rajkumar Buyya, Director of the Grid Computing and Distributed Systems, University of Melbourne, Australia said that next to the four essential utility grids, grid computing would constitute the fifth utility... More...
Indus Age Interview of Dr. Buyya
March 2005
Dr Buyya spoke to the Indus Age on his research, IT and India. More
Thinking Big...Grid Computing beyond the stars!
Dec 9, 2004
A pioneer in grid computing is now looking beyond the stars... Check out the article in the age. or the local copy
Grid Fellowship Award
17 june 2004
Our founder named Storage Technology corporation Fellow of Grid Computing at the University of Melbourne. Check out the Age story! (a local copy) and also GridToday story.
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