Grid Service Broker: A Grid Scheduler for Computational and Data Grids v.1.2

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On the Broker side:

On the Grid nodes side: Must run one of:

In case of Globus, the user must have valid credentials to submit a job to Globus, i.e., the user's certificate-id must be mapped to an account on the node.

Installing the broker

The following instructions assume a Linux environment (a Windows installation will follow the same steps) For more information please refer to the Gridbus broker manual
The directory structure of the unzipped archive will be:
  /bin (contains the broker executable binary)
  /docs (broker API docs)
  /examples (example files for using the broker)
  /lib (all the libraries needed to run the broker)
  /manual (manual to install and run the broker)
  /src (the broker source code)
  /xml (the xml schema used by the input to the broker)

License and Disclaimer

The Gridbus broker and the GUI is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Other libraries included in the distribution are distributed under their own respective licenses which are also included.
This product includes software developed by and/or derived from the Globus project (
This product includes dom4j libraries

The Team Members

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