GridSim 5.0 beta

Package gridsim.parallel.gui

Interface Summary
AllocationListener AllocationListener interface has to be implemented by classes that register with the allocation policy to receive information about the scheduling of Gridlets.
Visualizer Interface implemented by a visualisation tool.

Class Summary
AbstractVisualizer This interface has to be implemented by a visualisation tool.
AllocationAction AllocationAction corresponds to an allocation decision made by an allocation policy.
GUISettings This class stores settings shared by all the windows of the graphical user interface.
JobTypePanel Panel with a legend with information about the types of possible statuses of jobs and advance reservations in GridSim.
ParallelVisualizer ParallelVisualizer is the class that represents the main window used by the visualisation tool.
ResourceWindow ResourceWindow class represents the window that shows the scheduling queue of a given resource allocation policy.
VisualizerAdaptor Adaptor that implements Visualizer interface, but contains empty methods.

Enum Summary
ActionType This enumerator contains the types of allocation actions.

GridSim 5.0 beta

The University of Melbourne, Australia, 2009