GridSim 5.0 beta

Package gridsim.parallel.reservation

Interface Summary
ReservationPolicy ReservationPolicy is an interface that defines the methods that an allocation policy needs to implement in order to have reservation functionalities.

Class Summary
FilterARMessage This filter is used to look for a specific incoming event that matches a given event tag name and a reservation id.
Reservation This class represents a reservation and its properties.
ReservationMessage This class represents a single message exchanged between users and a resource providers to negotiate an advance reservation.
ReservationRequester This class represents an entity that makes advance reservation requests.
ServerReservation This class represents a reservation on the resource side (Server Side).

Enum Summary
ErrorType Types of errors that can occur during reservation requests
MessageType Enumerator with the types of reservation messages.
ReservationStatus Enumerator that represents the possible status of an advance reservation

GridSim 5.0 beta

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