The 4th IEEE International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC 2011)

December 5-8, 2011, Melbourne, Australia

 We invite participants to submit posters and research demos to the UCC 2011 conference. UCC aims at presenting the latest breakthroughs in Utility and Cloud Computing. The submission areas of interest for posters and research demos match that of the conference, and include the following:


·         Principles of Utility Computing

·         Architectural Models for Utility Computing

·         *aaS: Infrastructure, Platform, Software, Storage as a Service

·         Novel architectural models, new programming models for cloud computing

·         Novel applications of cloud computing, including games and social networks

·         Innovative cloud pricing models or Innovative cloud service models

·         Support for scalable and elastic cloud services

·         Cloud support for mobile applications and Content Delivery Networks

·         Data Security, Privacy, and Jurisdiction in the Cloud

·         Portability of applications and data between different cloud providers

·         Cloud-related virtualization issues

·         Deployment, maintenance, and management of cloud resources and services

·         (Multi-)Cloud resource brokering and scheduling; (Multi-)Cloud capacity planning

·         Reliability of applications and services running on the cloud

·         Interoperability between different Utility Computing Platforms including Grids, and Clouds

·         Performance monitoring for cloud applications

·         Cloud use case studies

·         Scientific computing, Business computing, Social computing in the cloud


Posters and Research demos can be submitted in one of two ways:


1.       Proceedings published posters and demos: Participants submitting proceedings published posters/demos are required to submit a 2-page short paper describing the poster/demo content, research, relevance and importance to the cluster, grid and cloud computing community.  If accepted, these 2-page short papers will be published in the proceedings of the conference.


2.        Web published posters and demos: These posters/demos require a short 1-page abstract to be submitted. These abstracts will not be included in the conference proceedings, but will be published on the conference website.

 For both forms of posters/demos, participants will be able to display the poster or showcase the demo during the conference. The easy chair link for submitting paper is


Pavan Balaji, Argonne National Laboratory

Rajiv Ranjan, University of New South Wales

Important Dates

Deadline for proceeding published posters/demos           :  Aug 26 (Extended), 2011

Notification of Acceptance                                                     :  Aug 30th, 2011

Final versions of proceeding published posters/demos    :  Sep 15th, 2011

Deadline for web published posters/demos                         :  Oct 15th, 2011

  The best poster and best demo will receive a best poster award and best demo award respectively (sponsored by Manjrasoft Pty Ltd. )