UCC 2011
December 5-7, Melbourne, Australia

List of Papers Accepted

A. Regular Papers

IDPaper Title
13 Nigel Edwards. High-speed storage nodes for the cloud
14 Ahmed Ali-Eldin and Sameh El-Ansary. Placement Matters: Replica Placement in Peer-Assisted Storage Clouds
21 Yang Wang, Bharadwaj Veeravalli and Chen-Khong Tham. On the Design of Data Staging Strategies for Mobile Accesses in Cloud Platforms
22 Ivan Breskovic, Michael Maurer, Vincent Chimaobi Emeakaroha, Ivona Brandic and Schahram Dustdar. Cost-Efficient Utilization of Public SLA Templates in Autonomic Cloud Markets
23 Yusik Kim and Cécile Germain-Renaud. Characterizing e-science file access behavior via latent Dirichlet allocation
25 Luwei Cheng and Cho-Li Wang. Defeating Network Jitter for Virtual Machines
28 Mi Cuncang, Chen Qian and Liu Taoying. An Efficient Cross-Match Implementation based on Directed Join Algorithm in MapReduce
32 Kathleen Ericson and Shrideep Pallickara. On the Performance of Distributed Clustering Algorithms in File and Streaming Processing Systems
33 Haydn Mearns, John Leaney, Artem Parakhine, John Debenham and Dominique Verchere. An Autonomic Open Marketplace for Inter-Cloud Service Management
39 Huifeng Sun, Zibin Zheng, Junliang Chen, Weimin Pan, Chuanchang Liu and Wenming Ma. Personalized Open API Recommendation in Clouds via Item-based Collaborative Filtering
40 Wang Wei. Bayesian Cognitive Model for Dynamic Scheduling in Data Cloud
41 Salvatore Distefano, Antonio Puliafito and Maria Fazio. The Cloud@Home Resource Management System
43 Josef Spillner, Alexander Schill, Gerd Bombach, Steffen Matthischke, Johannes Müller and Rico Tzschichholz. Information Dispersion over Redundant Arrays of Optimal Cloud Storage for Desktop Users
48 Antonio Muñoz, Javier González and Antonio Maña. A Monitoring Infrastructure for Virtualized Environments in Cloud Computing
50 Ralph Vigne, Juergen Mangler and Erich Schikuta. A Marketplace to Rule Them All - Combining WS-Agreement, Service Negotiation Protocols and Heterogeneous Services
51 Bahman Javadi, Ruppa Thulasiram and Rajkumar Buyya. Statistical Modeling of Spot Instance Prices in Public Cloud Environments
59 Saurabh Kumar Garg and Rajkumar Buyya. Modelling Parallel Applications in Cloud Simulations
61 Yufan Ho, Pangfeng Liu and Jan-Jan Wu. Server Consolidation Algorithms with Bounded Migration Cost and Performance Guarantees in Cloud Computing
64 Xavier Etchevers, Thierry Coupaye, Fabienne Boyer, Noël De Palma and Gwen Salaün. Self-configuration of Legacy Distributed Applications in the Cloud
65 Chathuranga Widanapathirana, Ahmet Sekercioglu, Jonathan Li and Milosh Ivanovich. Intelligent Automated Diagnosis of ClientDevice Bottlenecks in Private Clouds
70 Florian Muhss, Robert Neumann and Andreas Schmietendorf. Pricing mechanisms for Cloud Services
74 Marc Frincu and Ciprian Craciun. Multi-objective Meta-heuristics for Scheduling Applications with High Availability Requirements and Cost Constraints in Multi-Cloud Environments
80 Balazs Gerofi, Zoltan Vass and Yutaka Ishikawa. Utilizing Memory Content Similarity for Improving the Performance of Replicated Virtual Machines
90 Weiming Shi and Bo Hong. Towards Profitable Virtual Machine Placement in the Data Center
93 Qingling Wang and Carlos Varela. Impact of Cloud Computing Virtualization Strategies on Workloads' Performance
94 Javier Delgado, Liana Fong, Yanbin Liu, Norman Bobroff, Seetharami Seelam, S. Masoud Sadjadi and Malek Adjouadi. Efficiency Assessment of Parallel Workloads on Virtualized Resources
96 Hector Duran-Limon, Nikos Nikos Parlavantzas, Ming Zhao, Luis Silva-Bañuelos and Victor Tellez-Valdez. Using Lightweight Virtual Machines to Run High Performance Computing Applications: The Case of WRF
97 Mohammed H. Sqalli, Fahd Al-Haidari and Khaled Salah. EDoS-Shield - A Two-Steps Mitigation Technique against EDoS Attacks in Cloud Computing
103 Matthew Malensek, Sangmi Lee Pallickara and Shrideep Pallickara. Galileo: A Framework for Distributed Storage of High-Throughput Data Streams
106 Thilina Gunarathne, Bingjing Zhang, Tak-Lon Wu, Judy Qiu and Geoffrey C. Fox. Scientific Applications of Twister4Azure
108 Saurabh Kumar Garg and Rajkumar Buyya. SMICloud: A Framework for Comparing and Ranking Cloud Services
109 Ching-Chi Lin, Pangfeng Liu and Jan-Jan Wu. Energy-efficient Virtual Machine Provision Algorithms for Cloud Systems
110 Udaya Tupakula and Vijay Varadharajan. TVDSEC: Trusted Virtual Domains Security
111 Mihael Hategan, Justin Wozniak and Ketan Maheshwari. Coasters: uniform resource provisioning and access for scientific computing on clouds and grids
119 Qi Zhang, Quanyan Zhu and Raouf Boutaba. Dynamic Resource Allocation for Spot Markets in Cloud Computing Environments
123 Mukundan Sridharan, Prasad Calyam, Aishwarya Venkataraman and Alex Berryman. Defragmentation of Resources in Virtual Desktop Clouds for Cost-Aware Utility-Optimal Allocation

B. Short Papers

IDPaper Title
6 Sheng Di and Cho-Li Wang. Socially Optimal Win-win Resource Allocation for Self-Organizing Cloud
29 Zhongliu Xie. Economic Perspectives of Cloud Computing
47 Ferrol Aderholdt, Sheikh Ghafoor, Ambareen Siraj and Stephen Scott. Integrity Based Intrusion Detection System for Enterprise and Cloud Environments
57 Dongjin Lee, Michael O'Sullivan and Cameron Walker. Measurement for Improving the Design of Commodity Archival Storage Tiers
60 Niroshinie Fernando, Seng Loke and Wenny Rahayu. Dynamic Mobile Cloud Computing: Early Experiments towards Effective, Localized, Ad Hoc and Opportunistic Job Sharing
62 Mark B Cooray, James H Hamlyn-Haris and Robert G Merkel. Test Reconfiguration for Service Oriented Applications
83 Akiyoshi Sugiki and Kazuhiko Kato. An Extensible Cloud Platform Inspired by Operating Systems
100 Lynn Zentner, Steven Clark, Preston Smith, Swaroop Shivarajapura, Victoria Farnsworth, Krishna Madhavan and Gerhard Klimeck. Practical Considerations in Cloud Utilization for the Science Gateway nanoHUB.org
113 Pelle Jakovits, Ilja Kromonov and Satish Narayana Srirama. Monte Carlo linear system solver using MapReduce